05-30-2008 DigiBand v1.0.2 released, new online shop.
DigiBand Now is version 1.0.2. we have rewritten the text library and it's running smoother game time and loads faster There has been a slow down during song selection, but we will do our best to work this out. This is our first step towards DigiBand EX
We now have a new online shop. We receive a reasonable mark up for products purchased, please purchase something of your interest to help support our efforts.
05-26-2008 DigiBand EX project started.
Our first step into the DigiBand EX project has begun. We are rewritting the text rendering library to use Freetype directly without SDL TTF. All is going well, and as soon as we bring the memory foot print down, it'll be ready for everyday use. We currently have SHIFT-JIS text supported and working, this will remove the need of .dfc files.
07-20-2007 v1.0 Released
We finally made it! This concludes the completion of DigiBand in code. Now we will be moving on to our next goal, Making a commercial product. Anyone intersted in helping us reach that goal, inform me ASAP. We now have a functioning linux version. DigiBand no longer uses SDL-mixer, compiles with SDL 1.2.11, uses OpenAl and runs from what is of appearance, rock solid Any bugs or crashes please let us know. The V3 theme will stay in as default until we can get more themes created. And thank you to all of you who have helped us so far.
06-03-2007 v0.9.1 Release Candidate 2
cleaned alot of possible crash points. Changed alot of the internal code, and started to clean up. Preperations for RC3 will include a change in the sound engine. The sound engine is part of velex's "LibOswegoAL" which will be an open AL mixer implimentation that will be far more stable than using SDL_Mixer and MCI. Digiband is now fully compatible for use with SDL 1.2.11. The release version has 1.2.11 dll's and has been compiled with 1.2.11.
04-29-2007 v0.9.0 Release Candidate 1
Fixed a few issues with smoothness, it is now graphically smoother than ever before. I also added alot of new features to the theme engine. This is what made the digiband-V3 theme possible. Check it out, it works great.
04-14-2007 v0.8.7 beta 2
Not really much about this version, some input issues fixed, graphics engine using a little less memory, and more stability in the code. It would be the RC1 except I have 1 thing I want to do before that. And that's smooth the notes out a little more. It plays somewhat choppy when there is no video, and even more choppy when there is no vSync.
On a personal note, I will be slowing down the production of digiband even more. I need to focus on getting a better job more than this project. I've brought it this far, but it seems I've reach the peek of what I can do for the project by myself.
10-16-2006 v0.8.6 beta
WTF-BBQ! This version focus's on speed and stability. Plus an increased compatibility and syncing with DTX Mania. Over all the appeal of this version of DigiBand exceeds all other versions. New features even such as window scaling, anisotropic filtering, TV Scaling and Widescreen Enabled themes. This version is the flag ship for the RC1 release. If this one Shows no bugs it will become with a few things cleaned up the RC1, and soon a Linux port will be complete. So please be patient as we are working to achieve a more complete simulator and exceed our competitors simulators.
8-27-2006 v0.8.5 beta
The next big release in DigiBand. This one has a lot of new features and even more stable.
This release focused on getting arcade features in the game and stabalizing audio/video decoding.
(BTW all memory leaks since 4 versions ago appear to have been fixed)
8-21-2006 v0.8.4 beta
Man... time's flying by, well it's now time for our next release! This one has a few fixes that needed to happening way so many versions ago. I hope you all enjoy. BTW the biggest thing was a fix to battle notes, 'jittering'. It shouldn't do that anymore.
8-10-2006 v0.8.3 beta released (now with FFMPEG!)
DigiBand's video engine is now powered by ffmpeg via avcodec. This makes the executable huge like X-box, but now you don't have to worry about videos not playing. No matter how F$*#@! your codecs are, it will now render it all. It's still a new change, so it may still be considered alpha. Please e-mail/post about any problems you may experience with digiband.
8-10-2006 v0.8.2 beta released
EVEN MORE UPDATES!!! so many it's rediculus. What you'll be seeing is what's going into the prerelease of DigiBand. This is also what's going to be available in the arcade. Once I have the release situated, we'll be releasing the arcade version. We have the okay from Putters Family Fun Center to place the machine there. We also have the support from 5/3 bank to fund the project. Once this happens the commercial site for digiband will be open, and we will be looking for talent. This is where we need you folks. If you or you know someone who is a musician and trying to make a name for themself, send them to us. We are looking for talent to use for our game. I'll have a form up eventually for a contract. This contract will explain how much you will be paid and how for creating music for Digiband.
7-27-2006 v0.8.1 beta released
Fixes and graphic modications of the beta. Preparation for the Release Candidate are on their way.
7-27-2006 v0.8.0 beta released
Tons of new features and tons of fixes. A new default UI, and a song to test it all out with. Download it and give it a try, you might not walk away unsatisfied.
7-11-2006 v0.8.0 Soon...
Very soon, and to have a very new Default UI. No samples as of yet, but you can expect it to look damned good.
2-17-2006 v0.7.01 available...
Okay people seriously here. WTF! GET INVOLVED! For the past month DigiBand has looked like crap because no one told me the default theme was loading incorrectly. Thankyou Bluesss of GDAMania for finally noticing, but seriously people! I can't get this off alpha unless it's tested and reported!
1-14-2006 v0.7 available!
Did I break anything yet, other than my sanity?
12-13-2005 v0.6.1 and the new installer.
DigiBand now is available in a NSIS installer for download convenience. In the future I will supply a "Patch" install for just the binary to help keep download bandwidth to a minimum.
Fow now enjoy the unofficial v0.6.1 release.
12-13-2005 v0.6.0 available!
Phew... what a relief, well it's done folks and packed full of features and fixes. Have fun!
11-02-2005 PL4N!
The Parkview LAN 4 is coming up this Saturday!
And I'm glad to say, DigiBand will be there! We will be running the Console Room/Rhythm Game Room this year, and will be featuring DDR, DigiBand, DrumMania, and Keyboard Mania!
If you are in the Kalamazoo Area come by and visit us!
For more about the PLAN, visit WhatIsThePLAN
10-27-2005 DigiBand Forums Complete!
Woot leet ninjas, the forums are done.
And I'm slowly going insane!
I might be taking a break from the programming for a bit, so don't panic folks!
I'll continue cleaning up DigiBand and getting it ready for an alpha release, as soon as I get my mentality together.
(It'll probably be in like... 1 day.)

10-25-2005 DigiBand Forums
They're not done yet, but they are coming along!
The User Registration is open, and active, please register if you haven't already!
So far, I've gotten parts of the forum browsing finished, soon I should have them done.

What's left to do:
-Posting new topics
-Replies Browser
-Posting Replies
-finalizing the Topics/Posts counts as well as the Last user posted.
-User Editing
-Add admin/moderator options
-Recruit moderators.
10-23-2005 DigiBand v0.5.2pre available
And even though I said I'd simmer down on updates to finish some work on the websites...
Yet ANOTHER release!!! I hope you all like it! We now have support for AVI video, and a few other really nice features.
Please check back, as there is still even more to come!
10-17-2005 DigiBand v0.5.1pre available
Happy Birthday Grandma!!! or something like that.
Today is my grandmothers birthday. :)

Well, we finally made another release, here it is folks, Check the Bugs section for what was cleaned up in this version of DigiBand.
Stay tuned there is more to come!
10-13-2005 New Features Added!
Don't forget to check the Bugs and Features list, I will be actively modifying the list whenever I change, add, or drop any feature or bug in the game. However we're not quiet ready for our next release yet, we'll keep you posted on what's being changed!
10-11-2005 New Theme Available!
Hope you BeforU fanatics love this one.
I have now posted a new theme in the downloads featured around BeforU!
This is only the first step I'm going to take, this should redo most of the UI, next for V1.1 of the theme, I will work on altering the MP3's. For now enjoy a refreshingly different look than the usual boring default.
If anyone has suggestions for the next theme they'd like to see, e-mail me!
10-10-2005 DigiBand v0.5pre available
Well, hope I didn't surprise any one that bad. :P But here it is, the very first public release of DigiBand!
I spent 2 months developing this, so I hope people love and enjoy this sim!
If you have comments or bugs to report.
Don't worry folks this pre alpha version is in fact very stable, just there may be a lot of minor glitches in the code that I'd like people to look out for. I have not tested this on More than 3 machines now, and would like community input.
If there are features you'd like to see impleted, please do not hesitate to e-mail them too me!

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