welcome to DigiBand, the coolest drum/guitar simulator out there!

We've finally reached version 1.0!
Please have a look around at our screen shots and videos, or visit our downloads section to download it.
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What is DigiBand?
DigiBand is a full home version Drumming/Guitar simulator. It isn't just intended to be a simulator, but a uniquely refreshing new experience. It is much different than simulators already out there.

- DigiBand supports both GDA and DTX file formats using a "Prefered" option, which can be modified in the games settings.ini file.
- DigiBand can Support up to 3 players Simutaneously!
- Digiband has a unique "Jukebox" mode which allows you to hear the songs notes before you play it, as well as other surprises.
- DigiBand also supports theming for UI customization, and uses transparent PNG images, avi's, mp3's, and Cabbit Models for it's UI system.
- DigiBand plays and converts xa audio files for ease of song editing.
- Digiband saves your highscores with 'maxcombo' so you can clock how well you are doing.
- DigiBand allows Multiple players, playing bass or guitar with a drum player to all have seperate difficulties and styles.
- DigiBand sorts songs in a categorized "DDR" style interface, with slight adjustments for ease of use!
- DigiBand uses the internal system clock to maintain audio to note synchronization thanks to SDL.
- DigiBand allows users to sync up their songs on the fly. If it feels like you're being rushed or delayed, just sync it up by pressing F11/F12.

Other Notes:
- DigiBand was developed almost entirely by Jo-Anna Wall.
- DigiBand was developed using C++ with SDL, taking full advantage of OpenGL.
- DigiBand is designed to compile on Windows using MinGW. For more information click "Technical Information" in the side bar under Developers.

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