Join Us! For the Alliance!
If you'd like to join the digiband team, it's very simple!
It's great for your resume and can be used as actual volunteer experience!
Seijinohki is a known business in the Western Michigan area and DigiBand is a Non-Profit Organization lead by Seijinohki Soft.
For portfolio reasons, this is a good chance to get yourself published on a known open source professional project!
E-mail me if any of the folling suits you.
Please read on, as the following positions need to be filled:

Download the DigiBand source, see if and make any changes. Submit a patch, or the altered file via e-mailing Jo-Anna Wall (Click E-mail Jo-Anna to the left). I will review the changes, pre test then pass it on to the testers, and if all goes well it'll be committed with your name in the credits.

We are proud to mention we are looking for a Lead tester right now, and looking for standard testers as well. To be the Lead tester, You must be willing to report to me with details compiled from all of the testers, as well as willing to rigourously test every digiband version that comes out, writing technicle information where applied. This individual will be carried along with the digiband staff if we plan to do future releases of future software, (We've been thinking of a PS version once DigiBand reaches 1.0 solid).
A regular tester will need to just report any issues to the Lead tester using a special form we will be writing in the future.
E-mail me if you are interested in either of these positions.

Web designer/developer:
This must be someone with a background in webdesign whether personal or professional. Individual must be trustworthy and reliable.
Individual will be given FTP Access to the website, and must make a weekly backup of the site, as well maintain a working subsite for any changes.
Individual must know PHP and SQL. Must have experience with PHP and MySQL.

Default theme artist:
This individual must be familiar with Winamp style skinning. Individual will be accredited as Lead Graphic artist and will maintain the default theme for digiband, and designing original content for DigiBand.

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