Notes about Digiband v0.8 beta
I had a list that was never posted. Mostly written on slabs of paper here and there, but compiled together and started fresh, I made changes to the beta that I felt were necessary. This also includes the new theme. The new theme is alot prettier and alot more light weight due to the fact it uses avi files and a faster/lighter texture engine. The new theme was designed to be TV friendly, so if you have TV out on your computer give it a try. Plus Digiband still supports wide screens with a 5:8 ratio. Other modes will work fine as well digiband will attempt to auto compensate to your resolution needs. (This is why there are no set 'steps' in the resolution in the options.) A new thing added to the game is the theme.ini file, have fun with that. The theme.ini file allows you to positions certain objects and screen fonts on the screen, this will allow you to recreate Guitard Freaks and Drummania Themes if you so choosed to do so. I may encorperate for a final version size color and other varios options as well. Depending on how much control over their theme people want.

The only thing I can say, the best change log for something like this is to just play the game, you'll see what I mean.
Known Bugs and Issues Priority List
v0.7.01 / v0.7fixes
Seriously people... come on.. tell me when these things happen.

-Missing "Drum Total Score:", etc. in Game Result Screen.
I forgot to add that line of text to the top of the game results above the total score display. (Will be added to the themes)
(Fixed for V0.6pre)
-Themes do not "Fall back" to default items
Oops, probably should have them do that huh? This will keep downloads of themes whithout unique MP3's smaller, and not to mention save your own diskspace. :P
(Fixed for V0.6pre)

v0.5.3 Fixes:
-Letter Grades Do not appear.
This was just something UI wise I forgot to do, if someones got an idea, e-mail me! (no!!! not the crappy Paula Terry song...)
(Fixed for v0.5.3pre)
-image glitch (Guitar 2 Lifebar passthrough) on gameplay screen
I just need to push the image behind the Score bar respectively (Setting its Z value).
(Fixed for v0.5.3pre)
-image glitch (Static screen for mode select stops moving.)
WTF!!! I have no idea what's causing this one.
(Fixed for v0.5.3pre)
-Key repeat/Hold Time speed too fast on the Menus
Heh... sorry about this one folks, yeah, it does fly a bit, plus if you have your refresh rate over rided to something higher, this goes bonkers. I'll work on fixing this.
(Fixed for v0.5.3pre)

v0.5.2 Fixes:
-When an XA file didn't exist, DigiBand would crash
The XA decoder would crash if the file did not exist, I remedied this by using the Testfile() function I had wrote for DigiBand and told the XA decoder to return false if the file did not exist. (Basically I just forgot to do this.)
(Fixed for v0.5.2pre)
-Some audio files still didn't play
Files that were labeled .wav that were pure MP3 files, (Not mp3 compressed RIFF Files) were not playing. Very few files are like this, however this was noticed quickly and fixed by creating an override for the file type.
(Fixed for v0.5.2pre)
-Non existing difficulties display
Certain files cause non existing difficulties to display
Appearnently this bug is causing alot of issues with DTX and GDA trade offs. Switching to DTX prefered, for some reason kills all the GDA files.
WTF was I smoking!!!
(Fixed for v0.5.2pre)

v0.5.1 Fixes:
-An ivisible/inactive option in the option screen
Self Described...
Scream, murder, stab, *poke* *poke* *poke*... Damn thing was being buggy, it's working perfectly now.
(fixed for Version 0.5.1pre)
-SDL_Mixer Frequency
SDL_Mixer has an issue where it does not read in the frequency from RIFF type MP3's and might also effect normal MP3's. This bug causes SDL_Mixer to play MP3's too fast or too slow, depending on the offset.
Sweet, I've dropped SDL_Mixer's Play_Music command, and I am now using MCI instead, sorry linux folks, this will unfortunately make the game officially Windows only until SDL_Mixer is fixed.
(fixed for Version 0.5.1pre)
-Selecting Difficulties that don't exist
Don't know how that happened... but I have an idea what caused it. It may be that it's not error checking the drumdiff, etc, variable outside of okaytoload==true which is the statement that occurs when you toggle through songs.
(fixed for Version 0.5.1pre)

Not bugs:
Notes moving too slow... go change the speed in the options.
notes, "Skitch"... I assume they mean jumpy/framey, I kinda noticed this, but am not to sure what to do about this yet. Try using the native 1024x768 resolution.
As for "Notes too small"... I do not have plans to change this in the default skin since smaller = more accuracy. However In the future Different NoteSkins could be used if you don't like this.
I think it's innaccurate!... Actually, I noticed, with the smaller notes, this makes you feel like you're being "rushed" or "off", but after a while you get used to it. Plus DTX-Mania doesn't play 100% precisely, so DTX files are designed for it, I'm not wrapping To this, but however have created a global offset to battle this. And according to internal measurements the game is at ever off sync at .03 seconds.
Future Features Priority List
-support for set.def files
Currently I have no interest in doing this, It seems like a feature that noone really uses and takes advantage of.

misc Features:
-F11/F12 offset support
This will also start a new feature that may be used more in the feature called, "Digiband Extention file". This will allow you to adjust the songs offset on the fly.
-Different Category styles (ABC, etc)
So far I know I want an ABC sort method, it's half the reason I wanted to make this sim (I got irritated with the MESS DTX-Mania gives you for a song list.).
-Feature to add, "High Score Saving"
You know you want it, I'll get around to it eventually
-Feature to add, "Encrypting Password" for high scores
Digiband is a very difficult game in the end, whether using a topway drum set, or a keyboard, It's HARD. So in the future I want to open a Encryption system for passwords for online ranking. I'll do this once we've reached 1.0.
-Off Note Sound Playing/missing
Heh... I'll get around too it, it's not "THAT" important, but a cool feature to have.
Most of these are in the beta now...
(Drum offbeats added for Version 0.5.2pre)
v0.6.0 Features:
-Seperate noteskins from themes, and make them selectable from the menu.
This will allow noteskins to be used with different themes and vice versa.
This can be done so far via ini file, I will add it here shortly to the options menu. You will probably not get a message about this, and it should be ready for .6pre.
5 (Added for Version 0.6pre)
-scroll bar for song selection
More things that aren't too terribly important, but I'll add one eventually so you can tell where you are in the Song Select Menu.
-Feature to change, "Loading music" for default theme
Yeah.. the current one is annoying.
Changed it to a nice archive.org jazz mp3. The old version of the mp3 will be available in the original content directory for those interested.
(Feature changed for V0.6pre)
-"Rescan Song"
Might be a good idea since it'll allow manipulation of song files without having to shutdown and restart.
I decided to have it reload the song from the song selection screen by pressing F5. It does it rather quickly too, so I figured no need for any kind of, "Please wait" display.
This feature is really cool when used in window mode, so you can edit a song file, and hit F5 to reload it and test it. Soon I may add ways to offset the song to the notes... but the challenge with this lays in the fact that the song counts as a note, and it'd be hard to parse for it's note type with two different file formats.
(added for Version 0.6pre)

v0.5.3 Features:
-AVI texture resolution support
This will be something available in the ini file, that will let you choose the avi's texture res between 256, 512, and 1024.
(added for Version 0.5.3pre)
-Midi Input
Another one of those things I have no clue on how I would go about doing... Basically I would like users to be able to use Yamaha Keyboard/Drum Synths much similar to DTX-Mania's approach. If you know someone, e-mail me or forever be smited!
(added for Version 0.5.3pre)

v0.5.2 Features:
-Altenate Drum Keys
I added alternate drumming keys to make the game slightly easier for drum rolls.
(Added for version 0.5.2pre)
-AVI videos
Oh dear god, does someone know anyone who knows how to render AVI files to a damned texture. All the tutorials out there SUCK BALLS! So if you know someone, please send them this way! Maybe Velex will figure something out since she has the experience with assemblers and such.
I'LL KILL YOU!!!! Well done... I hate NeHe tutorials, but their sometimes the only things out there....
(Added for version 0.5.2pre)
-Altered note offesets
I have changed these from being bpm based to time based.
Thanks to wytecastl for noticing the issue with it being bpm based.
Here's how it will work:
These offsets are measured via millisecond.
(Added for version 0.5.2pre)
-Off Note Sound Playing/missing
Heh... I'll get around too it, it's not "THAT" important, but a cool feature to have.
(Drum offbeats added for Version 0.5.2pre)

v0.5.1 Features:
-Feature to remove, "Preview at fail"
Feels too awkward.
(removed for Version 0.5.1pre)
-BPM changes p. 2
Appearntly the Custom long measure affects the BPM! Well then, guess I have to figure out the math too this and have it directly affect the bpm so using this play correctly. This should be too difficult as it appears the math is bpm*(1/Custom Long Measure)
FAQ U man...
(added for Version 0.5.1pre)
-Refine Note timing & Options for Entire Song Offset and Note Sound Offset.
This feature will allow you to fine tune the notes to be played offset, and the song offset as well. It will work like this: If the notes heard do not match the song, change the Note sound offset. If the Notes seen do not match the song, change Entire Song offset.
(added for Version 0.5.1pre)
-BPM changes
I went to go do it originally before releasing... but I forgot, this is the first priority on the list to finish.
(added for Version 0.5.1pre)

Canceled Features:
-Autos (hihat, bass, cymbal, all)
It's half ass implemented right now, actually the menu exists and everything too, just right now it's disabled. And I'm not sure if I want to finish this feature since this feature only exists in the arcades for broke ass machines. If you REALLY want it that bad, e-mail me and I'll get on it.
(Sacked, please e-mail Jo-Anna if you wish to actually see this feature.)
Release notes:

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