< Installing and Getting Started >

     Thank you for choosing DigiBand, this part of the manual will cover the steps after downloading your copy of DigiBand. First begin by locating and double clicking the DigiBand installation program. Here you prompted to please wait as our installer decompresses it's files for installation. Once complete you should see our logo, followed by our license agreement. DigiBand and all content installed by this installer is licensed under the GPL. Please read our license and click "I Agree".
     Next please choose where in your start menu you would like to DigiBand. We suggest leaving this option as default. After clicking "Next" Please choose where on your hard disk you would DigiBand installed, again we suggest leaving this as default and clicking install. After clicking install please wait as it copies the files. You can click "Show Details" to see what is and has been copied/created. Once finished you can now click "Close" to end the installation.
     Now you are ready to start DigiBand. Click start, navigate to Programs then DigiBand if you have installed with defaults. You will see two icons, "DigiBand" and "Uninstall" at a later date if you wish to uninstall DigiBand to free disk space choose Uninstall. To start DigiBand click "DigiBand".
     Please note any controllers that will be used and any songs that will be used, need to be installed before DigiBand is started.